Christa’s Big Day

IMG_1157[1]IMG_1156[1]IMG_1150[1]IMG_1151[1]IMG_1152[1]IMG_1165[1]IMG_1148[1]IMG_1161[1]IMG_1147[1]Christa was such a sweet bride and I’m so glad she asked me to come be a part of her special day! Her and her bridesmaids were a breath of fresh air and it was such a relaxing morning at Southern Lea Farms. Christa takes the trophy for the most hair I’ve ever styled. I’ve NEVER seen so much beautiful hair on one head and it was a treat for me to dive in head first! I wish you and your new hubby a lifetime of happiness, Christa!

Southern Elegance…Pickens Style!

As I get older, I find myself being over appreciative of the little things in life that make me happy.  Being surrounded by positive, uplifting people who love life and love others is something I try to keep consistent in my life, and above all, it’s something that makes me happy. In other words, happy people make me happy.  With that being said, next time your having a bad day or just can’t seem to find that ounce of positivity to get you through the day, just head on over to Mr. James and Mrs. Rita Smalley’s house in the glorious city of Chipley, Florida to witness two of the most uplifting and sincere people I’ve ever met. As you can imagine when two people like Mr. and Mrs. Smalley get together, they are bound to produce a pretty spiffy offspring. (and no, I’m not talking about the cutest dog in the entire world that just happens to live under their roof). I was super excited when their daughter Stephanie ask me to do hair and make-up for her wedding day. Stephanie was a BEAUTIFUL bride with a breathtaking wedding that was picture perfect. She and designer Kirby Holt transformed the Ag Center in Chipley into a magazine worthy venue that will forever go down in the history books of Chipley weddings. So. Pretty.

Stephanie’s bridesmaids were so much fun to be around and were so happy to see Stephanie marry the man of her dreams. For this summer wedding, southern themed updos were a must and everyone looked beautiful!

Stephanie and Tyler, CONGRATS! I’m so happy for you and wish you many years of happiness together!

Wedding Day Photography By: Leah Langley Photography

Bridal Portraits By: Kristen Stone Photography



Mrs. Annalaura “Nicki Minaj” Collins

I have SO MANY things to say about Annalaura and Cody’s wedding.  I’ve known Annalaura my entire life and have had the pleasure of doing her hair several times prior to her wedding. I’ve seen her in everything from prom dresses to bikinis to gym shorts and she is ALWAYS stunning… (on the inside & the out).  I aboslutley adore Annalaura’s family. I tell them all the time, I could honestly sit and listen to them every day. I’ve never hung out with the Watson’s where I didn’t just sit and giggle like a school girl at their perfected southern accents and witty personalities. Annalaura’s parents have set a beautiful example of marriage for her and Cody and I, too am fortunate to have them as an example and as my friends.  (Alianne, you’re not so bad either…lylas. xx)

It was no surprise to me when Annalaura and Cody got engaged. Their love for each other is obvious and these high school sweethearts were made for each other! The wedding was perfection! I’m not sure what I enjoyed more the amazing food or the homemade, alcoholic popsicles (yes, heaven), or the late night pizzas, but regardless, one thing is for certain…I saw a side to Annlaura Watson Collins that I will never forget. As I was sitting down, enjoying the reception (and my 4th glass of pinot noir), Annalaura grabbed the microphone from the incredibly good looking DJ and proceeded to rap every word in the song Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. The dance floor has never been so “poppin” and the crowd went crazy. Little blue eyed, Annalaura has a streak in her that made me love her even more than I already did. In all the excitement I might add, her hair stayed beautifully in tact.

Annalaura, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting me hang out with you, your family, and your sweet bridesmaids on your last morning as Miss Watson. I had a blast! I’m sorry that Taylor Swift didn’t make it, but I’m confident that she had a flat tire and would have been there otherwise.

Photography by: Amy Riley Photography



Mrs. Brittany Pedro & Birthing Bridesmaids

I love a bride who knows what she wants, and that was Mrs. Brittany Pedro. From the trial to the wedding day, she was wonderful to work with! From experience, I know it can be hard to have a vision, but Brittany knew exactly what she wanted and that made my job TOO easy!  I met Brittany through some mutual friends of ours and I was so excited that she trusted me with her and her bridesmaid’s hair and make-up on her wedding day.  Brittany’s mom and bridesmaids were the CUTEST! I had so much fun meeting each one and learning about each of their lives. I’ll never forget one of her bridesmaids particularly because she was hands down the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen. We’re not talking a little pregnant, she was about to pop! As a matter of fact, she had her baby the day after the wedding! What a special story that will be as that sweet baby grows up! I would like to believe she waited until after the wedding to make her appearance so her mom didn’t miss her besties special day.

I loved Brittany’s hair for her wedding day! Her style was low and simplistic, with braids on the side and complimented her dress perfectly! Brittany, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and letting me be a part of your wedding day. You made a GORGEOUS bride! xoxo

Professional Photography by: Caroline Cox Brantley

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Mr. and Mrs. Troy Clemmons

What a beautiful Saturday morning it was on May 21, 2016 when Courtney and Troy tied the knot at Golden Eagle Country Club in Tallahassee. I am right in the midst of wedding season this year and I am thoroughly enjoying my tour of the many wedding venues that rest in the Florida panhandle. It’s too bad Mitchell and I can’t tie the knot a few more times (kidding, mom) because there are truly some masterpieces right in our back yard. 

I was super excited when Courtney asked me to be a part of her wedding day. I had the pleasure of styling her for her bridal portraits prior to the big day, and that gave us an opportunity to get a trial run in and figure out what style worked best for her. Courtney’s bridesmaids were wonderful and I had so much fun getting to know each of them! On another note, I got to team up with make-up artist, Meghan Basford! Need make-up for your wedding? Call her – she’s a dream.

Congratulations Courtney and Troy! I wish you both nothing but happiness as you begin your marriage in JAPAN!

Professional photography by Mattox Photography.

Hair by: Kaitlin Davidson
Make up: Meghan Gilliland Basford
Flowers- Flowers By Vince- Tallahassee, Florida
Venue and Catering- Golden Eagle Country Club
Wedding Cake- Publix
Grooms Cake: Aunt Laurie
Wedding Dress: Formally Yours
DJ: Michael Caughran
Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse
Photography: Mattox Photography
Video- Gavin Shouppe and Aerial Folsom Melvin
Minister- Gino Mayo

Chipley’s Prom 2016

It is always a pleasure to do hair and make-up for Chipley’s prom. I may be bias, but there are some beautiful folks from our little small town.   I know living in a small town has it’s pros and cons, but moving away from Chipley has made me appreciate the small town atmosphere and sense of community that surrounded me for the first 18 years of my life. To all my prom beauties: THANK YOU! I can’t reiterate how much I appreciate you asking me to be a part of your high school prom. It was so excited to witness your excitement, hear about your dates and dinner plans, but most of all just hang out with you and your friends and families. I hope it was a night to remember!

Spoiler Alert: Braids are IN right now with special event hairstyles…which is exciting because I love braiding hair. Three of these gals incorporated braids into their prom hair-do. When you put a braid into a hairstyle, it relaxes the style a little in my opinion. It creates a younger, more fun look which I love and was perfect for these girls at their prom. The CHS prom takes place in Panama City Beach, so adding that little beachy twist to their style was the perfect addition.



Sometimes when I meet brides I get this special feeling that I was MEANT to meet them. Shelly Sobol was one of those brides. I immediately knew she would be one to remember! Shelly’s love for life and contagious smile was so fun to be around and I’m so excited I was able to make a new friend in Shelly! Shelly’s wedding took place at the lovely Retreat at Bradley’s Pond and she had beautiful weather! I had never been to this venue before and loved it! I arrived just early enough to find a hidden Tallahassee treasure, Bradley’s Country Store. If you haven’t been to this day maker of a place, take the time to drive over and experience this magical place.

I had the pleasure of doing hair and make-up for this special occasion and I had a blast! Shelly’s mom and grandmother are two of the most beautifully hearted people I’ve ever met. It was so easy for me to see where she gets her sweet spirit from. Shelly, THANK YOU for finding me online, I’m convinced it was meant to be. You were such a beautiful bride! I wish you and your hubby many, many happy years to come.


Photos above by J&J Weddings.

Mosley Sweethearts

I had so much fun doing hair and make up for these two beauties this weekend! I can only imagine the turning heads as they walked into Mosley High School’s prom. Thank you Katie and Savannah for asking me to be a part of your junior prom! You girls are just as pretty on the inside as you are on the out! Thank you for keeping me giggling the entire afternoon! Xoxo


Mrs. LaurenTaylor Kiser


When LaurenTaylor walked into the salon for her hair trial a few months before the wedding, I knew right away she would be a BEAUTIFUL bride. LaurenTaylor, if the name doesn’t speak for itself, is the epitome of a southern belle. She carries herself with such flattering poise and sophistication and is going to make such a wonderful wife! My bestie Courtney Larkin and I tackled this big wedding party on an early Saturday morning at Pebble Hill Plantation in Thomasville, GA and…OMG HOLY VENUE. Pebble Hill Plantation is hands down one of the most beautiful wedding venues I’ve ever seen. Take note, engaged couples.

I’d like to thank LaurenTaylor, her sweet mom, and mother of the groom, AND her amazingly, easy going bridesmaids for letting Courtney and I be apart of your glam squad! I wish you all many years of teased hair. 🙂


[florist] Missy Gunnels Flowers
[photographer] Elizabeth Davis Photography
[videographer] Unique Video Creations
[caterer] Katie’s Cakes & Catering
[hair] Kaitlin Davidson and Courtney Jane Larkin
[makeup] Lydia Fillmon
[band] Southern Satisfaction Baby Gray
[coordinator] Erin Mook
[venue] Pebble Hill Plantation Cara Lauwaert Dollinger